Welcome Letter

I am delighted you are interested in this great opportunity to come and be a part of the Saffron Board. You will be joining a newly formed Board made up of some more established Saffron Board Members and some new faces, including myself.

We also have a newly formed Executive Team who we will be working alongside and supporting to deliver the objectives set out within our Business Plan and Business Strategy. We are focused on making Saffron a modern, customer focussed and strong housing provider serving South Norfolk and the wider East Anglia.

In September 2016, the Regulator downgraded our Governance rating to G3. This judgement has been a catalyst to us strengthening our Board, Executive and systems to be fit for the future. In recent months I have been appointed as the new Chair and we appointed a new interim Chief Executive a few months ago. Subsequently we have refreshed our Business Plan and we are now developing a new Business Strategy to set out clearly our vision, values and objectives for the next three years.

We own and manage over 6,000 homes throughout East Anglia, and we continue to develop more homes while ensuring that our existing customers continue to receive high quality services.We are financially sound, with an annual turnover of £32m. We have been able to create a surplus and use this to maintain a healthy programme of investment in existing housing stock and the development of new homes.

We have recently re-aligned our development programme to take account of new challenges, but the Executive and Board remain committed to continuing to meet a variety of housing needs. We work in both urban and rural areas and as one of the main providers of social housing in the area, we are using all of our creativity and commitment to ensure that our business remains efficient and continues to make a real difference to the lives of our communities.

We are very proud of the things we have accomplished since the transfer of the housing stock in 2004 from South Norfolk District Council. The next few years will bring further change and new challenges, and we want our Board to be inspired by this.  If it inspires you then read on to find out more about who we are and how you can be a part of our future.


Bob Walder

Non-Executive Chair

Saffron Housing Trust Ltd

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