About Saffron Housing Trust

Saffron Housing Trust Limited, employs 200 people, operates in four counties within the Eastern Region, manages assets worth £140m and delivers housing services to residents of over 6,000 homes.  As a leading developer of new affordable homes in East Anglia we have ambitious plans to increase our housing stock to 6,500 over the next three years.

In July, our Board agreed our statement of purpose is:

To develop and manage homes across Norfolk and Suffolk for people in need and to enhance their life chances through our services.

Flowing from this are our five themes of:

  • People
  • Money
  • Customer Service
  • Governance
  • Homes

Over the Summer the Board and the Executive will be developing these themes into objectives and targets to direct service delivery.

Since 2016, Saffron has been working with the Regulator of Social Housing to improve its governance arrangements and comply with the requirements of the Regulatory Standards.  The Trust has recently developed a revised Voluntary Undertaking with the Regulator which, in the next six months will enable Saffron to demonstrate compliance and enable the Trust to focus on the delivery of excellent services that customers value.

We are at the beginning of our transformation programme and we have some exciting challenges ahead. Our Board and Committees will help support us in ensuring we’re able to meet the objectives of the voluntary undertaking, grow our business and secure a bright future for the Saffron.

To find out more about us visit: http://www.saffronhousing.co.uk

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