Our Governance

Saffron is managed by a Board of 12 non-executive directors and three of these are nominated by our Customer Advisory Panel. We also have two committees who oversee Audit and Risk, and Remuneration and Nominations.

The Board’s job is to provide leadership to shape the management of Saffron and the services provided. They are responsible for the strategic leadership of the organisation and for setting Saffron’s policies and objectives, making sure the Trust’s performance meets the Board expectations and all statutory and legislative requirements.

The Board is made up of a combination of Independent representatives with a broad range of relevant skills and experience, combined with people with experience of Saffron’s services. Combining relevant expertise, commercial knowledge, and a range of skills with our customers personal experience helps us ensure a robust and effective level of scrutiny and rounded decision making.

Given our recent changes we have carried out a review of the skill and experience present on the Board and our Committees and we have identified certain skills that we believe would help strengthen our already highly experienced Board further. In particular we are looking for someone who can not only make a positive impact on the Board, but who can also contribute effectively to our Audit and Risk Committee. People with relevant skills in the area are encouraged to apply.

To find out more about our Board Members visit: http://www.saffronhousing.co.uk

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